Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc.

Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc.


Paducah Area Transit System
1500 Kentucky Avenue
Paducah, KY 42003
United States

The Paducah & Louisville Railway is a full-service, 265-mile, regional railroad with alpha code of PAL and numeric code of 907. We connect directly with four of the seven North American Class I carriers (the BNSF, CSXT, CN and NS). We interchange unit coal trains with the UP and connect with regional railroad (INRD) and two short lines (the LIRC and FVRR).

Our service is further enhanced by our geographic proximity to the nation's highway and inland waterway systems. We have a close relationship with water carriers and serve several rail-barge-rail transfer facilities on the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Several bulk terminals, warehouses, and transload facilities are located on our line. Several sites are available for new industrial development along our railroad.

Our rail line, buildings, locomotives, car fleet, and communications systems---already enviable among regionals---are maintained to high standards and are continually upgraded. We handle a broad range of commodities, serve over 90 industries, and handle approximately 200,000 car loads annually, originating or terminating 99% of these loads.

(270) 444-4414
(270) 444-4388

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  • Downtown Paducah KY
    200 Washington Street
    Corner of Marine Way (2nd)
    Phone: 270-908-6451