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Four day weather report.

Intellicast is a business unit within WSI, Weather Services International. Intellicast was started in 1996. Soon after the release of the web site, we launched the Intellicast Content Syndication business when we started to receive requests from companies that wanted to include the same quality maps and data on their own web sites.

WSI has the world’s largest commercial meteorological database, incorporating U.S. National Weather Service, U.S. military, Canadian, British, and Japanese governments, other international agencies, and commercial vendors. WSI has extensive data collection facilities for NEXRAD, satellite, NWP models, lightning, and other meteorological data. We receive the NEXRAD data via the NWS Central Radar Distribution System and also through NOAAport as a redundant path. To support the volume of inbound data needed to create the variety of products supplied by WSI, WSI manages 21 on-site satellite dishes.


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