Paper Supplies, Inc.

Paper Supplies, Inc.


303 N. 13th St.
Paducah, KY 42001
United States

Paper Supplies Inc. is woman owned, founded in 1952 and today is a company specializing in the distribution of industrial paper, janitorial and restaurant supplies. The 2500+ items located in our Paducah warehouse are shipped to over 500 customers. Our fleet of trucks service Southern Illinois, Kentucky, as well as North and Central Tennessee.


We carry a large array of products from paper sacks and trash can liners to dust mops and janitorial supplies. We have an increasingly large inventory of products which is ever growing. Products included are:

Adding Machine Paper, Aluminum Foil, Bar-B-Que Bags, Bakery Boxes, Bakery Pads, Bath Mats, Beverage Napkins, Bleach, Bow Cards, Bow Pins, Bowl Mops, Brillo Pads, Brooms, Butcher Paper, Carry Out Trays, Chinet Platters, Cloth Table Cover, Cotton Mops, Cotton Mop Heads, Cups, Dust Pans, Foam Plates, Freezer Paper, Gift Boxes, Gift Wrap, Gold/Silver Medallions, Grill Bricks, Crill SCreens, Guest Checks, Hand Soap, Hot Dog Bags, Ice Bag Ties, Ice Bags, Ice Melt, Janitorial Supplies, Kraft Paper, Meat Film, Meat Labels, Meat Trays, Mixing Collars, Monarch Labels, Monarch Pricing Guns, Mop Buckets, Mop Handles, Mops - Cotton & Rayon, Nail Bags, Napkin Dispensers, Pallet Wrap, Paper Bags - Kraft & White, Paper Cutter, Paper Plates, Patty Paper, Plastic Bags, Pizza Boxes, Plastic Champagne Glasses, Plastic Cups, Plastic Forks, Plastic Knives, Plastic Table Cover, Plastic Wine Glasses, Popcorn Bags, Potato Wrap, Push Brooms, Rayon Mops, Rayon Mop Heads, Red Glow Labels, Ribbon, Sandwich Bags, Shipping Supplies, Silverware Bags, Soufflé Cups, Spray Bottles, Squeegees, Straws, Table Covers, Tape, Tape Dispensers, Toilets Tissue Dispensers, Toilet Paper, Towels, Twine, Window SqueegeesTable Covers come in Green, Navy, Red, Red Gingham, White, Yellow, Blue,Gingham, Green Gingham, Black & White, Gold, Light Blue, Hunter, Burgundy, Royal Blue.

800-544-2292(Toll Free), (270) 443-2292
(270) 443-0424

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    • ALL PLASTIC (except Styrofoam)
    • Rinsed with Caps removed! Caps can be placed in with the other plastic, Bags should be separate as another item.
    • GLASS Bottles and Jars Rinsed / No lids.
    • (candles, ceramics, Pyrex, cannot be accepted )
    • METAL CANS – (vegetables, foods, pet food)
    • ALUMINUM beverage cans.
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    • Packing supplies available for your convenience.
    • Airborne and USPS.
    • Overnight and international shipping with FedEx or UPS.
    • Metered mail.
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