Battle Summary: Paducah KY

Forrests Expedition into West Tennessee and Kentucky.

In March 1864, Forrest set out from Columbus, Mississippi, with a force of less than 3,000 men on a multipurpose expedition (recruit, reoutfit, disperse Yankees, etc.) into West Tennessee and Kentucky. Forrest arrived in Paducah on March 25 and quickly occupied the town....


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  • In the Beginning...

    Casey Jones spent his boyhood days in the small town of Cayce, Kentucky. It is from this little town that the engineer received his famous nickname, Casey.

  • Paducah is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. It's the County seat of McCracken County, Kentucky. Paducah is often called the Four-Rivers Area due to the proximity of the Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland, and Mississippi Rivers.

  • State-of-the-art racing facility with stadium seating, souvenir store, concession vending with the infamous "Ky Lake Junkyard Dog", two VIP tower buildings and more.

    Major Annual Events:

    • Commonwealth cup.
    • Bluegrass Nationals.
    • 99 Ehtravaganzs.
    • March Madness.
    • Battle of The Mods.
    • Monster Jam.
  • The Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee (Kitty) League was a Class D minor league baseball organization that fielded teams in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri between 1903 and 1955. Paducah was a charter member of the league in 1903. Includes player profiles, team photos and other league information.

  • Riverboat with Paducah as one of its ports.

    Mississippi Queen Features:
    Bathing Pool ­ Beauty Parlor ­ Calliope Bar ­ Dining RoomExercise Room ­ Forward Cabin Lounge ­ Gift Shop ­ Golden Antlers Bar Grand Saloon ­ Paddlewheel Lounge ­ Port GalleryMovie Theater ­ Wheel House.

  • Western Kentucky Navigation, Inc. was formed in 1985 in Paducah, KY. At the time it was a small western Kentucky town that is the hub of the inland waterways system. The confluence of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers with the Ohio River are within sight of the Paducah waterfront, and the confluence of the Upper and Lower Mississippi with the Ohio River are just forty miles downstream.

  • 8,373 acres in Ballard County

    Ballard WMA is an annual Mississippi flyway stop for 100,000 Canada geese and 35,000 mallard and black ducks and has an observation tower for wildlife viewing.