Usher Transport, Inc.

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  • Usher Transport, Inc. is a family owned and operated business Headquartered in Louisville, KY. Usher Transport's inception was in the late 1940's with a handshake deal between Harlan Usher and Mr. Putnam establishing the Usher fleet.

  • Orr Medical offers a wide selection of oxygen, mobility and home medical supplies and equipment. They offer evaluation of the client for specialized products, the client’s home and workplace for wheelchair accessibility and feasibility for wheelchair transport. They offer time and labor with trial fittings and product sampling to ensure your product is right for you.

  • The Electric Morning Show has been hosted by AJ & Mitch for the last 5 years, that’s longer than anyone else. “In the world of Top 40 music, jocks hot today are cold tomorrow. AJ & Mitch have worked really hard to give Electric 96.9 fans a great start to every day,” explained Electric 96.9 General Manager Jamie Futrell.

  • The Norlight family of companies serve the business and residential communities with a full spectrum of
    telecommunications and data services.

  • We will again have The Men's Den!
    Relax -get--a-way space! Second floor of the Executive Inn.

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  • Maysville has 2 museums, antique shops and a little of everything from period costumed guides for tours, buggies, handmade jewelry, antiques, and herbal products. Old Washington is a 1700's village of shops, 9 museums, tours and fine Kentucky dining. Established in 1786, by the Virginia Legislature, six years before KY became a state. The Historic town of Washington merged with Maysville in 1990.