Paducah Aikido Association


Paducah Parks department
1400 HC Mathis Drive
Paducah, KY 42001
United States

Paducah Aikido Association is a local martial art school that teaches the Japanese art of Aikido. Aikido uses circular motion to take the opponents balance and control the attacker wrather than fight against them. The techniques of Aikido allow a smaller person to control and pin a much larger attacker. The art is great for women and children wanting to learn self defense.
Most martial art schools focus on the advancement of belt rank or on competition, but our focus is teaching each student how to defend themselves. We can't guarentee you will win if you are attacked, no one can. But we can increase your odds of survival if you find yourself in an altercation.

Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Fee is $50 a month and we have discount rates for family members.
For more information:
Call, email us, go on the website below, check out our facebook page- Paducah Aikido Association
or just drop in and try out a class at no charge to see if Aikido is right for you.


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