Truman Library - Alben Barkley

Truman Library - Alben Barkley

Who was Truman's Vice-President? Alben Barkley! Information on Barkley from the Truman Presidential Museum and Library.

Alben Barkley ran for Vice-President of the United States on the 1948 Democratic ticket with President Truman. As Vice-President, his popular nickname was "the Veep."

Barkley was born on November 24, 1877, near Lowes, in Graves County, Kentucky. His parents were tenant farmers who raised tobacco. After the family settled on a wheat farm in Hickman County, Kentucky, in 1891, Barkley attended Marvin College, graduating in 1897. He attended one year of law school at Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia, and then returned to Kentucky to clerk for two attorneys before successfully passing the bar exam (graduation from law school was not a requirement at that time).

"Because of his (Barkley’s) legislative experience, Truman insisted on his inclusion in all cabinet-level meetings and on the National Security Council, which made him the first working Vice-President in United States History. With his outstanding talent for public speaking, Truman made him the administration’s principal spokesman and commissioned a vice-presidential seal and flag from the army’s Heraldic branch."

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