The Neon Outlet

The Neon Outlet


2159 Bridge St
Paducah, KY 42003
United States

Streetglow automotive neon lighting sales & installation.

Accent Tubes: Highlight the interior of your vehicle with these accent tubes. They come in 10", 15", and 20" lengths.

Sound Activated: Sound Activated tubes produce a neon flash that is activated by the beat of the music, or have a constant glow.

Lightning Tubes: Lightning, a streak of crackled neon fills the air captivating a look never before offered in automotive neon.
Color Changing: These lights change from pink to blue, or yellow to green.

Mini-Accent Tubes
: Featuring two slim 0.44 OD tubes per kit, great for neon glows in those tight, hard-to-install areas.

Chrome Series: Introducing our new line of Neon Accent Kits, Chrome Series® neon accent tubes. Available in 6", 9", 10", 15" and 20" sizes, these neon tubes are sure to make any vehicle a show stopper.

Lava Accent Tubes: Watch as a neon light flows through the tube in a constant twisting rolling movement never offered before in neon accent kits.

License Plate Frames: American plate size, motorcycle plates, and new euro-plate design, all come with easy two wire hook-up.

Neon Antennas: Add that final touch of neon. No drilling required and removable for storage. Also includes Swivel base.

Strobe Lights: Xenon bulb strobe lights, headlight strobes and strobe control modules

Pictures: Now accepting pictures of your cars...just email them

Shift Knobs: Ergonomically shape allows for easy shifting and better grip. Has a recessed on/off switch.


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