Land Between The Lakes

Land Between The Lakes


Land Between The Lakes
100 Van Morgan Drive
Golden Pond, KY 42211
United States

Land Between The Lakes is located near I-24, about 90 miles north of Nashville. As a designated national recreation area under the management of the USDA Forest Service, LBL is maintained for the public's enjoyment and safety.

Scenic ImageLand Between The Lakes offers all the outdoor recreation "basics", with some unique opportunities for environmental education and historic interpretation. Nestled in western Kentucky and Tennessee, LBL hosts an average of two million visitors each year who come from all over the nation and more than 30 foreign countries.

LBL has 170,000 acres of forested hills and open lands and 300 miles of undeveloped lake shore. Hundreds of miles of hiking, biking, equestrian, and off-highway vehicle trails wind across LBL.

(270) 924-2016
(270) 924-2087

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