First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church First Baptist Church is a diverse group of people who have experienced God’s grace and who are seeking to be obedient to Christ’s commandment to love God and love people. They offer two different opportunities for corporate worship.

Paducah McCracken Co Habitat for Humanity

Our goal is to reduce that number to zero. It's an ambitious goal - one that we've been working at for more than 20 years. Ours is a Christian mission. We trace our mission to the Bible and to Jesus' admonition to aid the poor. Our emblem is the hammer and cross, our motto, "Building homes in partnership with God's people." Paducah and McCracken County joined the Habitat...

Community Christian Academy

Community Christian Academy This Community Christian Academy mission is to provide a Christ-centered environment for the children of area Christian families. They recognize God as the source, means, and purpose for all things and Christ as the origin of all wisdom and knowledge.
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