Trails in Kentucky

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Antique Trail - the Antique Trail section is expanding into numerous trails covering West Kentucky. Take a look at the different trails and stroll down a wide array of antique stores, shops and malls. Find hidden treasures!

The Great Rail Trail All Aboard!!!! Experience the heritage, legend and grandeur of the railroad. Visit the historic depots, museums, restaurants and operational trains to relive the magic of this time. Explore the historic and charming railroad sites throughout Kentucky and Tennessee including the infamous Casey Jones Railroad Trail - the train's leaving the station, so don't be left behind.

Golf Trail This site features the "Links Around the Lakes" trail. The trail is made up of a collection of courses set around The Land Between the Lakes and the Kentucky/Barkley Lakes areas in Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee. A course for every stage of golfer.

31W/31E Heritage Corridor Travel north to south and south to north on the roads that preceeded I-65 in Kentucky. Revisit the early settlements of the nation's heartland, discover natural wonders, shop for antiques, visit Mammoth Cave or Bells Tavern. Come take the roads less traveled - Highways 31W and 31E.

68 / 80 Heritage Corridor This wonderful highway flows from far western tip of Kentucky to the mountain ranges of eastern Kentucky. This initiative has listings of Bed and Breakfast Inns, Unique Dining spots and antiques in both western and central Kentucky. So come along and witness the birth of a heritage corridor!

Birding Trails - Interested in birding, wildlife and natural wonders of Kentucky? Here you have more than just birding!

Other Trails in Western Kentucky

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  • Highway 31E
    (from the outskirts of Nashville to the outskirts of Louisville)

    Highway 68/80 West
    (from Columbus & Paducah to Bowling Green)

  • The Hwy 68/80 Heritage Corridor Initiative has been started across the state of Kentucky. This wonderful highway goes from Aurora, near Land Between the Lakes, to Edmonton - known for the musical group Kentucky Headhunters. The road then splits heading (in the West) to Paducah and Arlington and (in the East) to Pikeville and Maysville.

  • Revisit the past along Hwy 31E and take home a timeless treasure of your own. The breathtaking views and beautiful countryside make getting there even easier. Visit country stores and historic downtowns - go back in time and take the road less traveled. Take the road that is an attraction in itself!

  • Click here to see a map of this historic corridor.

  • Discover Highway 31W for yourself - from the antique shops, historic homes, churches, museums, caves and parks. It all awaits you, off the fast lane. Highway 31W was the first paved highway in Kentucky and the first toll road - it threads through the heritage of the American heartland. The road stretches from Louisville to Nashville - so take the road less traveled!

  • Travel across rolling landscapes and witness the natural beauty that attracted the first settlers to the Canmer community of Hart County. See homes and churches, several of which are over a century old. Look for historical markers along the way which tell the story of early powder mills and iron furnaces. Stop and browse in the antique shops and quilt stores along the way.