Ecotourism / Outdoor Recreation

Ecotourism / Outdoor Recreation

Ecotourism has been described as "responsible travel to natural places that protects the environment and sustains the well-being of local residents."

Another term for ecotourism is "nature travel." Ecotourism mean small-scale visitation that provides an authentic experience of the natural resources and cultural heritage of a particular place.

In an era when wildlife is being constantly threatened by increasing development, people are becoming more interested in discovering diverse ways to cherish the natural beauty of our ever-decreasing wilderness areas. Ecotourism offers a passive approach to the appreciation of our natural resources.

This site is a guide to ecotourism in West Kentucky, which is becoming more and more unique in its efforts to preserve its indigenous species of flora and fauna. From bird watching to exploring cypress swamps, West Kentucky has unique plant and animal species that offer exciting outdoor opportunities.

The map will help you to begin your journey into West Kentucky's wildlife wonders. Click on one of the link for wildlife viewing sites. Or refer to the listing of special interest sites below for a closer look at what West Kentucky has to offer.

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  • This part of the site is designed to showcase the efforts of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in conserving areas where the state's natural resources can remain exactly that…natural.

  • 34,000 acres in McCreary Co.

    This nearly completely forested area is extremely mountainous with steep cliffs and deep gorges. Squirrel, rabbit, quail, grouse, raccoon, and deer can be found here. Camping, hiking, canoeing, and fishing are available.

    Take US 27 S, then W on KY 92 to the regional office in Stearns.

    Owned by the National Park Service.

  • Bernheim Arboretum

    Land Between the Lakes Long Creek Trail

    Mammoth Cave Mobility Impaired Tour (1.25 hours, 1 mile)

  • 156 Acres in Franklin Co.

    This area consists of old fields and pastures and provides foot access to Elkhorn Creek.

    T. N. Sullivan WMA is located 5.1 mi. north of Frankfort off US 127 on Sullivan Lane (HWY 1262).

    For more information please visit the website:

  • 2,070 acres in Fleming Co.

    This area consists of primarily oak-hickory woods with some croplands and woodland openings. Squirrel, deer, grouse, dove, raccoon, quail, and rabbit can be found here. Opportunities are available for fishing, hiking, and primitive camping.

  • 166 acres in Owen Co.

    This area has adequate roads and trails. This steep Kentucky River terrace terrain constists of woods, croplands, grasslands, and sloughs. Dove, rabbit, quail, squirrel, deer, turkey, and occasionally ducks can be found here. There are opportunities for hiking, climbing, and fishing. No camping is allowed.

    Twin Eagle WMA is located 4 mi. NE of Perry Park on KY 355.

  • Journey down memory lane while strolling through the great array of antique stores and malls available in the Lakes Area of West Kentucky. Take the day and chart your course from the well known river town of Paducah and its many unique antique shops and malls to Hazel's famous antique strip.